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Flowpoint was born in London, UK from a team of enthusiastic software engineers with deep passion for data.

For the 5 years prior to Flowpoint, we've developed numerous bespoke software solutions and products, at the end of the day, all customers were having the same challenge: understanding the users' behaviour in order to make the best product improvements that could generate more revenue.

In 2022, we've put together the expertise we gained so far in product development, cybersecurity, data analytics and AI and we invented Flowpoint.

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Backed by SFC Capital

In 2022, Flowpoint partnered with SFC Capital to supercharge product development and operations.

Together we have a greater mission

Our mission is to become the leader in the AI powered behaviour analytics space.

Who is SFC?

SFC Capital (formerly known as Startup Funding Club) is an investment fund manager and network of business angels founded in 2012 by Stephen Page, the CEO of the company. It manages the SFC Angel Fund which invests in small companies qualifying for the SEIS and EIS investment schemes in the UK.


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