FullStory vs Flowpoint

Discover the differences between FullStory and Flowpoint, the next-generation analytics solution.

Flowpoint vs FullStory

Flowpoint revolutionises analytics with its advanced features and AI-powered insights. Gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, optimize conversions, and make data-driven decisions. With Flowpoint, your data is securely handled and complies with GDPR and CCPA regulations.


Flowpoint is the right choice for you when you need:

Advanced Flow Analysis

Flowpoint simplifies the creation and monitoring of user flows on your website, providing a consolidated view of behavior data. Easily access essential KPIs and metrics through a user-friendly interface.

Intuitive Funnel Visualization

Effortlessly view and analyse website traffic on a single screen with Flowpoint's clear and user-friendly interface. Identify crucial data points and extract insights with ease.

GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Data privacy is a top priority for Flowpoint. Your data is securely encrypted, owned exclusively by you, and fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Issue Detection & Prioritization

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Flowpoint identifies obstacles that impact user experience and conversion rates. Pinpoint the challenges that have the most significant effect on your business.

AI-driven Recommendations

Flowpoint provides actionable recommendations to address conversion challenges across technical, UI/UX, and content aspects. All recommendations are presented in plain English, facilitating prompt resolution.

In-depth Session Exploration

Dive deep into user sessions with Flowpoint's comprehensive session exploration capabilities. Analyze every interaction, including page views, mouse clicks, and custom events, to gain valuable insights.

Now, you may be wondering…

How does Flowpoint handle data privacy and is it GDPR compliant?

At Flowpoint, we prioritize data privacy and ensure full compliance with GDPR regulations. We implement stringent security measures to safeguard your data. Each customer’s data is hosted in encapsulated buckets, accessible only to the respective owner. We do not share any customer data with third parties.

Our platform employs techniques to suppress sensitive data, ensuring that no sensitive information is stored on Flowpoint’s servers unless specifically requested or integrated through custom events and attributes. This approach adds an extra layer of protection to sensitive data. We take privacy seriously and strive to provide a secure and GDPR-compliant environment for our users.

    Flowpoint offers three pricing plans tailored to meet different needs.

    • Our STARTER plan is available for £49 and provides essential analytics and recommendations.

    • The PRO plan, priced at £199, offers advanced features and deeper insights. We also provide a custom plan that offers full control over your data, along with custom features developed specifically for your requirements.

    • Please contact us for a personalized quote and more details on our custom plan.

    Flowpoint’s widget is designed with a proprietary lightweight approach to minimize any impact on your website’s performance. The widget captures only relevant data in text format, ensuring efficient data collection. It sends data asynchronously to our backend, meaning it doesn’t block other website elements or hinder the rendering process.

    Flowpoint is loaded asynchronously, in parallel with other elements on the screen, resulting in a seamless user experience without any noticeable delays. Rest assured that our widget is optimized for performance, allowing you to gain valuable insights without compromising your website’s speed or user experience.


      Understand Users, Improve Conversions

      See a comprehensive overview of your visitors' activities and quickly identify their pain points on a large scale within just a few minutes.

      Discover Flowpoint

      Analytics is hard.

      We make it easy.

      Our team is committed to offering assistance at each step of the process to ensure your success:

      • Integration support
      • Set up your website flows
      • Analyse and monitor your data

      Analytics is hard. We make it easy.


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