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Analytics is hard.

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Leverage AI to optimize conversions, prioritize impactful solutions, and enhance ROI with data-driven decisions. Discover actionable insights to unleash your website's potential.
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Cross-Domain Funnel Tracking

Cross-Domain funnels refer to the process of tracking user interactions and conversion rates across multiple websites, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your customer's journey.

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Analyze, Improve and Grow

Funnel Analytics

Track where users come from and where they go on your website.

AI-powered recommendations

Flowpoint leverages artificial intelligence to provide actionable insights for improving website conversion rates, SEO, UX/UI, and content engagement.

Conversion rate optimisation

Discover data-driven recommendations to boost your sales, new registrations or other calls to action.


Capture user events

Flowpoint automatically captures where your users click, where they scroll, the time spent on different sections and many more.

  • Standard & Advanced event capturing
  • Lightweight script, optimised for performance
  • 5-minute integration
  • GDPR & CCPA Ready

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Understand Users, Improve Conversions

See a comprehensive overview of your visitors' activities and quickly identify their pain points on a large scale within just a few minutes.

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Turn data into meaningful actions


Update "Faq" Call To Action copy

Findings: Of 2,050 users, 220 (10.73%) clicked the "Faq" call to action. Enhance button appeal to improve conversion.

Recommendation: Replace "Faq" with "Help Center" to suggest a more interactive, supportive space for users to find answers to specific questions and issues.


Fix low contrast text

Findings: Low-contrast text affects readability on: https://flowpoint.ai/pricing/


  • CRO technical insights
  • CRO UX/Ul insights
  • Issue event explorer

Recommendations: Fix contrast issues for the mentioned texts. Benefits Improving contrast may boost conversions by up to 2.17% in the entire flow.


Fix Javascript error

Findings: 0.05% of users face "Uncaught TypeError" error.

Recommendation: Fix client-side issue to improve user experience. Benefits Resolving this may boost conversions by 0.1% in the entire flow.

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Founder and CEO, Desyr

February 16, 2023

It’s helped me to see where users are dropping out along the conversion funnel, so that I can make improvements to the website and increase our overall conversion rate.

Lucian N.

Technology Strategist, Growth Linked LLC

February 17, 2023

A Single Pane Of Glass for collecting, analyzing, and taking decisions for actions to be implemented in order to improve the conversions.Flexibility and responsiveness of the team to implement new features to help capture more insights about user behavior.


Founder and CEO, Desyr

February 16, 2023

Great user behaviour analytics tool.

Tori P.

Co-founder, Qube App

February 20, 2023

Easy of use. Colors. Insights. The fact that it can show me the bottlenecks in the path to conversion easily. The level of personalization.

Dhiraj N.

CEO, Opsly Cloud

February 22, 2023

The data generated is very useful to see the website visitor journey and where we can optimise our content and design to improve the score.


Resources for growing your product

Stefania Duma
28 September 2023
Crafting the Ultimate Black Friday Marketing Strategy: Scarcity, Discounts, and More

Analytics is hard.

We make it easy.

Our team is committed to offering assistance at each step of the process to ensure your success:

  • Integration support
  • Set up your website flows
  • Analyse and monitor your data

Analytics is hard. We make it easy.


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