Flowpoint is a software as a service product where customers of any type and size which have an online presence can understand how to optimise their websites in order to generate more revenue.

Compared to any web analytics on the market, Flowpoint does not only track your users action but it can identify the issues they face and tell you actionable insights that you can make in order to fix them.

If you would like us to handle all the burden of storing, managing and securing your data required for the analytics, the cloud solution is definitely for you. However if you company works with sensitive data and you feel like this should not leave your company premise, then the on-site solution is the right one for you. For the latter you will need to contact us in order to integrate Flowpoint.

If you pick the cloud solution you just have to register on our dashboard on https://dashboard.flowpoint.ai/auth/register and follow the steps. The process will take about 5 minutes.

A flow is a particular set of steps your users need to follow on your website to achieve a business goal (ex: viewing a product, adding it to the basket, adding card details, placing the order)

In order to activate your account you need to follow the onboarding process from the registration page. After you insert the javascript snippet we give you, all you need to do is start using your website. After Flowpoint records the first user session on your website, your Flowpoint account will automatically be activated and ready to use.

Our AI will be able to spot some of the main flows on your website and configure them automatically in about 24-48h. However you have the freedom to configure them manually in the Flows tab. All you need to do is define each Flowpoint of interest and the action required when your users reach to it.

A Flowpoint is a granular step from your defined user flow that your users need to reach in order to complete your business goal.

We track actions such as mouse clicks, page scrolls, tab switches, page reloads. Our AI then uses all those data points in order to identify different behaviours and emotions on your website. We also detect technical issues and corelate them together.

We show you the output as a funnel analysis where at each step in your user flow you are able to see extremely granular issues that occur to your users. However the magic sits in the insights box, where our AI can display what solutions we found to your issues. In plain english.

A user session is a set of actions made by one of your users in a 20 minute time frame. (e.g. coming to your website, scrolling, clicking particular buttons, viewing some products etc)

Funnel analysis is a process of analyting a sequence of steps or events leading to a specific goal. At each point in the sequence we detect conversion rates so you can understand the percentage of users that achieve your business goal.

Flowpoint tracks granular user actions on your website, so it can look for bad patterns in a user’s journey. It detects behavioural issues, such as confusion when scrolling up and down looking for something in particular, or frustration when clicking multiple times on the same website element which does nothing.

We are looking at multiple bad behavioural patterns which are signs of specific human emotions, based on the type of website you have. For example: 1. a user continuously scrolling up and down on a product details section is an indicator of confusion, as the user is probably looking for a specific product detail which he can not find 2. continuously left clicking a website element with no action in a short time interval is an indicator of anger, which we call “rage clicking” 3. swapping tabs or applications while quickly scrolling down on a presentation page signals a lack of user interest

We analyse users which abandon flows, and extract differences of what they feel and experience from those who complete the same flows. This enables a top-down analysis of conversion problems, where we first understand how users feel when they don’t convert, and then we find UX reasons behind their emotions. We not only discover UX problems, but we also help you prioritise them, as this approach allows us to know how much and how often an issue truly impacts your users’ journeys.

Flowpoint’s AI periodically identifies bad emotions your users experience at each point of any website flow, and it can measure how impactful those are to your conversion rates. It then looks for UI and technical issues which might generate these emotions, so it can provide reasons behind your conversion rates’ most impactful issues. We then study your industry, your users and your website before curating a list of clear actionable insights so you can perfect your user experience. Think of Flowpoint as a website analytics tool with an additional layer of an integrated data scientist. Our insights quality increases the more sessions you have, as it grants Flowpoint more data to learn about your website and your users.

Currently if you click on the options button on an insight you will be able to share a link with your colleagues. The link opens a view only session of that particular flow.

At the moment Flowpoint only works with web applications, however integrating with mobile applications is on our roadmap and it will be released soon.

We store data in a custom made database. For each customer we have a dedicated bucket which is completely independent from one another.

Flowpoint lets you see each user session in a very granular way. You can see each element that was clicked, page scroll or tab switch from any user.

At the moment you will not be able to import data from any third party analytics tools, however we are planning to expand our features to include this.

You can freely use Flowpoint among any of your existing web analytics tools.

At the moment you won't be able to export data yourself, however feel free to drop us an email at office@flowpoint.ai or contact us via the chat support and we will be able to send you an exported file.

Flowpoint pricing model is flexibile in order to accomodate any type of client of any size. If you have under 1000 monthly user sessions, Flowpoint will be free. However after 1000 monthly user sessions we start to charge for each 1000 sessions. Please check our pricing section from our home page https://flowpoint.ai/#pricing

Analytics is hard. We make it easy.


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