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Uncover why usersdrop off

Maximize online success with AI-driven web analytics. Uncover the root causes of poor conversion rates with advanced machine learning and cybersecurity algorithms and make data-driven decisions for growth.

Flowpoint is trusted by customers and partners around the world

No credit card required
No technical skills required
5 mins integration

How it works

Capture granular user actions

Mouse clicks, page views, page scrolls. Integration takes 5 minutes.

Discover where your users get stuck

See where your users are coming from and where they are going.

See actionable insights

Improve conversion rates and optimise SEO with AI generated technical and UX insights.


Automated event capturing

Flowpoint automatically captures where your users click, where they scroll, the time spent on different sections and many more.

Data is stored in secure encrypted buckets, and customers have 100% ownership.

It does not affect page loading and performance.

Single atomic events: click, page views, scrolls and more.

Custom events

5 minutes integration

GDPR, CCPA compliant

Privacy focusedHave a look


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πŸ‘‹πŸΌ How Flowpoint works

Flowpoint automatically captures where your users click, where they scroll, the time spent on different sections and many more.

Recent actions

πŸ‘ˆ Try it now and discover how every action is captured. Click away to see for yourself!


Make data-driven decisions

See which could be the top reasons your users are not converting on your website.

Discover Flowpoint

AI-generated insights for your conversions issues

Improve your website's conversion rates and optimise SEO with AI generated improvement recommendations.

Technical Insights

Flowpoint tells you if you have technical errors that are impacting conversion rates.

UX/UI Insights

Flowpoint understands where bad UX is driving your customers away and shows easy ways to improve.

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Who loves

Businesses from everywhere in the world that chose Flowpoint to take user behaviour understanding to the next level.

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Founder and CEO, Desyr

February 16, 2023

It’s helped me to see where users are dropping out along the conversion funnel, so that I can make improvements to the website and increase our overall conversion rate.

Lucian N.

Technology Strategist, Growth Linked LLC

February 17, 2023

A Single Pane Of Glass for collecting, analyzing, and taking decisions for actions to be implemented in order to improve the conversions.Flexibility and responsiveness of the team to implement new features to help capture more insights about user behavior.


Founder and CEO, Desyr

February 16, 2023

Great user behaviour analytics tool.

Tori P.

Co-founder, Qube App

February 20, 2023

Easy of use. Colors. Insights. The fact that it can show me the bottlenecks in the path to conversion easily. The level of personalization.

Dhiraj N.

CEO, Opsly Cloud

February 22, 2023

The data generated is very useful to see the website visitor journey and where we can optimise our content and design to improve the score.


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Vlad Niculescu
24 March 2023
How to design a landing page that converts

Find out why your users drop off

Uncover why users drop off.


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